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Two women, two countries. Nothing in common but the courage to fight.

A heart-stopping new novel, based on the extraordinary true stories of an American socialite and a British secret agent whose stunning acts of courage collide in the darkest hours of WWII.

1940. In a world newly burning with war, and in spite of her American family’s wishes, Virginia D’Albert Lake decides to stay in occupied France with her French husband. She’s sure that if they keep their heads down they’ll survive. But is surviving enough?

Nineteen-year-old Violette Szabo has seen up close the Nazis’ evil and is desperate to fight them. But when she meets the man who’ll change her life only for tragedy to strike, Violette’s adrift. Until she enters the radar of Britain’s clandestine war organization—the Special Operations Executive—and a new fire is lit in her as she decides just how much she’s willing to risk to enlist.

As Virginia and Violette navigate resistance, their choices set them on a collision course that will change their lives, and the world, forever.
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Releasing March 1, 2022

"A novel of duty, sacrifice, fate, and hope, set in a world steeped in courage and madness. Searing, powerful, and told through the lens of two overlooked historical figures who gave up nearly everything to fight against tyranny in one of the 20th century’s darkest hours, Erika Robuck's Sisters of Night and Fog soars. Two women--connected at the outset by fate, chance and little else--hurtle toward a tragic date with destiny in the infamous Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, where prisoners are starved and tortured, and not all will make it out alive. Based very closely on the true stories of two incredible 20th century women in the shadows, who risked their lives to save others, this novel, devastating in its truth and power, will break your heart and stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page." 
Kristin Harmel, NYT bestselling author of THE FOREST OF VANISHING STARS

"Inspired by true stories, this incredible book tells of American Virginia and Violette, each swept up in the current of World War II and forced to choose whether to risk everything for the things in which she believes. Their lives collide in powerful and irrevocable ways that will hold readers spellbound. In a crowded field of books set during the Second World War, SISTERS OF NIGHT AND FOG stands head and shoulders above for its meticulous research, heart pounding storytelling, compelling relationships and important message. Bravo!" –Pam Jenoff, NYT Bestselling Author of THE WOMAN WITH THE BLUE STAR

"Erika Robuck has once again proved her mastery of biographical fiction, respecting the historical record as she weaves together the true stories of two endlessly courageous women whose daring and sacrifice helped defeat the Nazis. Utterly compelling, beautifully written, and meticulously researched, SISTERS OF NIGHT AND FOG is a book you sink into, one that becomes your world as you read it. I loved this book madly." —Tasha Alexander, NYT bestselling author of THE DARK HEART OF FLORENCE

"Compelling and brilliantly researched, Erika Robuck absolutely delivers with this book. Evocative and intimate, here is an unforgettable dovetailing of the real-life stories of two remarkably brave and inspiring women. A World War Two tale that has surely been pleading to be told." –Susan Meissner, Bestselling author of THE NATURE OF FRAGILE THINGS

“Few writers are as skilled as Erika Robuck at the exacting art of spinning the raw truth of history into the vital tapestry of fiction. With SISTERS OF NIGHT AND FOG, based upon the experiences of renowned WWII SOE agents Violette Szabo and Virginia d’Albert-Lake, Robuck works her magic again. She takes the well-documented stories of these two women, whose courage under the most harrowing circumstances almost defies description, and she makes us believe. This impeccably researched and profoundly moving novel will stay with readers long after its devastating and heartfelt conclusion, and they will marvel, as I did, at the valour of its heroines and the artistry of its author.“ —Jennifer Robson, bestselling author of THE GOWN