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“What a fun and riveting ride! Erika Robuck has unearthed two real-life Prohibition-era heroines—one a savvy rumrunner, the other an ambitious codebreaker—and vividly recreated their adventures, including a tension-packed cat-and-mouse game that threatens to destroy them both. The Last Twelve Miles so immersed me in the wild and raucous world of the Roaring Twenties that I never wanted it to end—even as I furiously turned the pages to see what would happen next.” Karen Abbott, NY Times bestselling author of THE GHOSTS OF EDEN PARK

“The Last Twelve Miles is a richly detailed portrait of two compelling women on opposite sides of the law. Set against the backdrop of the Prohibition Rum Wars, Robuck has brought two real-life figures to the page with heartfelt intimacy and crackling suspense. A fascinating read!” –Chanel Cleeton, NY Times bestselling author of THE CUBAN HEIRESS

“In this gripping and devilishly exciting Prohibition-era novel, THE LAST TWELVE MILES effortlessly tells the story of two real and brilliant women, one running illegal booze between Miami, the Bahamas and Cuba, and the other, a master codebreaker, hot on her trail. Robuck’s meticulous research and impeccable characterization shine through in this fierce, feminist and unforgettable novel.” - Nicola Harrison, author of HOTEL LAGUNA

“Action heroes have nothing on real life cryptologist Elizebeth Smith Friedman. THE LAST TWELVE MILES is a non-stop historical thriller that poises two brilliant women against each other in a deadly game of rum running, code breaking, and murder. Erika Robuck brings this real American hero and real criminal mastermind to vivid life. Knock back a shot and prepare to have this novel knock your socks off. Dazzling!”—Pamela Klinger-Horn, Event Coordinator, Valley Bookseller

“Two women, a Coast Guard Special Agent and a bootlegger, face off against each other in this Prohibition-era novel. Their journeys of marriage, motherhood, and career intertwine in this fascinating story based on true events.” –Rae Ann Parker, Parnassus Books

“Move over Al Capone and Eliot Ness! It’s time to make space for Elizabeth Friedman and Marie Waite—a captivating pair of badass women on opposite sides of prohibition law. In her terrific new historical fiction, The Last Twelve Miles, Erika Robuck brings you Elizabeth, the brilliant cryptanalyst who breaks code for the U.S. Coast Guard, and Marie, the equally brilliant rumrunner who plies the waters off the coast of Florida. Never has there been a more fascinating set of rivals and you will find yourself torn over which of them you’d like to see win. Richly drawn characters, a crackerjack plot, and a setting that is equal parts glamorous and deadly make The Last Twelve Miles a must read for 2024.” –Deborah Goodrich Royce, nationally bestselling author of REEF ROAD

"The Last Twelve Miles is the thrilling story of two extraordinary women on opposite sides of the law, but with more in common than they think. Based on a true story, Elizebeth, a meticulous government codebreaker, hunts down Marie, the flamboyant rumrunner who makes and loses fortunes on the waters off the Florida Keys during Prohibition. Both the G-woman and the mobster are also wives and mothers struggling to thrive in men’s domains. A breezy and brutal glimpse into the world of Jazz Age gangsters from a fresh angle. Really enjoyable!"—Anika Scott, internationally bestselling author of SINNERS OF STARLIGHT CITY

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